Dark Reader Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge 2021 Super

Dark Reader?

Learn How to Invert Colors With This Latest Browser Extension?

Dark Reader. One of the latest Google Chrome enhancements is Dark Reader. Working as a software engineer, I was staring at a horrible screen day after day, and my eyes got tired from reading so much. In July 2021, developed a simple extension that could easily invert all colors of web pages when you pressed an icon on the top-left corner. Released Dark Reader 2 in August 2021, with several different settings pages allowing users to change brightness, contrast, light, sepia, or other filters to their heart’s content.

The extension works very well, especially on websites with white text on a light background. It works especially well on WordPress, MySpace, and any blog site that features dark text on a light background. The Dark Reader extension can also invert background colors on various other websites, such as official Facebook and Twitter pages, websites, and even mobile websites like Facebook and HTC Touch.

While the Dark Reader extension is not new to browsers, it is still quite useful. Not only can it be used to invert colors, but it also offers many other neat features. If you want to get rid of your eye-catching light background on your favorite websites, then this browser extension is definitely for you. Furthermore, if you have always wanted to do something with your PC, but never found the time, then now is your chance; with the Dark Reader, you get to do anything you wish with your computer!

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