IDM how is it used and Internet Download Manager 2021

IDM, how is it used? The main program window?

IDM how it is used. On the main screen, you can see a list of the files you have previously downloaded. The size of the files in this list, the download description, download status, possible completion time, etc., such additional information is also available. Of the colon, you can change the order by clicking on the title any way you want.

The file list on the “Add URL, go ahead, Full Stop. Delete, Options, Programs” like control buttons are available. This button is clickable or clicked on the download of the file you are doing is not according to the state in cases where.

“Suggest” Internet Download Manager program, and you can easily suggest your friend by clicking on the button.

“Add URL” button. You can start a new download by clicking on it. A new file opens on the screen to enter the address or select an address that you have used previously. Want to download the address, user name, and password your login information for that site if it were located on a volume that requires “Authorization” to use by checking the box you can identify.

IDM how it is used?

The address format is valid if, in this case, the face-the “Save As” option that will appear on the screen for the file you want to download description / enter a note, and you can choose where to save the file. If you want to cancel the download, the “Cancel” button click.

In this case, continue against the server while you were downloading. If it supports the feature to “pause” / “continue” buttons by using the file download process, you can pause at any time and resume where you left off whenever you want.


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