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Internet Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download a file called program is quite easy. Because the program automatically integrates the Internet browser you use and download instant button are self-explanatory. If you click the link to download the program is automatically activated. First thing, you are using Internet Explorer Internet browser automatically if it is not integrated into your browser, we will integrate the program in case.
If your browser is Internet Download Manager (IDM) to integrate from the menu “downloads” tab and from the popup menu click on “Options” click on it. Suppose it is not selected by clicking the box next to activate it in your browser here. If the browser you are using is not in the list, “Add to browser” button in your browser, please add to the list.

Internet Download Manager integrated in your browser and now you have added the browser to the list. Now a sample file, let’s say that we will take down the video from We youtube like the bottom image. When you open a video from youtube, download the “the video file from the download page ” button and click on the take out when the Download Manager opens.

You can see the address where the file was downloaded in the Download Manager; you can see the folder where the video is saved and … “ you can change the location by clicking on Save. “Start Download” button when you click on a video will start downloading.

How to download with IDM? Downloads IDM with initialization

Downloads with Internet Download Manager there are different options to be able to start;

1 – Start the download by clicking on the link: IDM works as the program is compatible with all popular browsers; thanks to this feature, you automatically encounter when you clicked on any link in the download window of IDM will come up. Options –> General tab, the program’s main screen is to edit the extensions you want to do from Auto Download.

IDM now downloads the program file will begin downloading immediately if you’ve clicked on the button. If you click on the Download button, IDM will start to download the file and add it to the list of downloads.

If any IDM link is selected by holding down, the CTRL key will be inherited for all the links to download the program.

If any IDM link is selected by holding down the Alt key, the program shall not enter into effect.

If you want to download any IDM to take over in this case, within the program Options –> General section, you must remove relevant browser integration. Thus, when you click on any link, IDM the program shall not enter into effect.

2 – IDM clipboard’eklene automatically detects valid URLs: clipboard (clipboard) if any file is copied to the address, IDM automatically detects and provides a window of water;

If you’ve clicked the OK button, IDM will automatically begin downloading the file.

3 – Support for downloading with IDM right button: you can right-click on any link in your browser when you “download with IDM” option, you can see if you’ve clicked this option, the file will begin downloading IDM.

4 – You can add links manually using the button Add URL: IDM program in the upper-left corner. You can begin by clicking the Add manually the URL in the link you want to download.

5 – drag and drop to add it to your download basket making: you want to the download basket, you can drag and drop to start the download click on the link.

6 – Start downloads using the command line: with this feature, you can start using the command line, downloads.

sparring /s
or workout /d URL [/p local_path] [/f local_file_name] [/q] [/h] [/n] [/a]


/d URL to download the file, for example;

/s – programmer and add it to your download queue

/yerel_dosya_yolu p – determines the local file path to save the file

/f yerek_dosya_ismi – sets the name of the local file that will be recorded

/q – IDM will exit after a successful download. This parameter only works for the first copy.

/h – link breaks as a result of the successful downloading IDM.

/n – If IDM doesn’t ask any questions, switches to Silent mode.

/A – A /D-downloads the file specified with the parameter adds it to the list, but the download does not begin immediately.

/a, /h, /n, /q, /f yerel_dosya_ismi /p yerel_dosya_yolu only the /D parameter specified for files with works.


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